Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in Hybrid EV Wins Green Car Vision 2012 Award

Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid EV has won the 2012 Green car vision Award. Though there were 5 competitors, this car with its unique design and efficiency made it to the grand finale in no time. Ford C-MAX Energi is a five-passenger multi-activity vehicle offering high mileage and low emissions as well as distinctive body design and a flexible interior.

The plug-in hybrid provides maximum fuel efficiency by pairing a high-voltage lithium-ion battery and electric traction motor with a high-efficiency Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine. This means the gasoline engine does not have to run all the time.

C-MAX Energi owners will have access to a suite of driver information systems on-board and off-board. These are designed to help them manage the recharge process, plan the most eco-friendly route, monitor battery state of charge and maximize energy efficiency to extend use of electric mode.

The ‘MyFord Touch’ driver connect technology offers unrivaled configurability of vehicle information, including fuel level, battery and engine demand, average and instant miles per gallon.

MyView option allows drivers to customize their vehicle experience to best fit their preferences and the needs of that day’s particular drive. Brake Coach helps coach drivers to optimize their use of the vehicle’s regenerative brakes to recapture kinetic energy and send it back to the battery, also reducing wear on the brakes.

C-MAX Energi offers MyFord Mobile, which is a smart-phone app and website for monitoring key vehicle functions and charge settings on the go.

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