Don’t Walk; Just Roll with the Battery-Powered SpnKiX [Video]

SpnKiX, marketed by Action, is one innovation that is able to provide conveyance for short distances and is considered among other top class products in terms of innovation at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show currently underway in Las Vegas.

SpnKiX are mechanized roller skates. They run for up to three miles, at speeds up to 10 miles an hour, on a single two-hour charge to their LI-Ion battery pack. Users control their acceleration through a hand-held remote, presumably braking as well.

They’re available in Men’s 6-14 and Women’s 7-15.5 sizes but can only support 180-pounds, which seems really light given that they’re sold in Men’s 14 size.

The SpnKiX are currently still a prototype Kickstarter project.A bill of  $375 will get you one of the first hundred pairs and after that the price jumps to $650 at retail.

To anticipate the beginners, the SpnKiX skates will also used training wheels to help you learn how these devices work and keep you on the right track.

Each SpnKiX skate has 9×10.5×9.5 inch WHL dimensions. The significance of this product isn’t as complicated as this has nothing to do with complex social structures or calculated analysis. This simply is a gadget which helps the people to stay lazy better than people can be now.

Now, don’t you realize you have a greener way to commute? Why wait? Just start rolling.

Here’s a related video from Ecouterre.

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