Computer Monitors Need not be Trashed; Turn Them into Trash Cans

You might have seen old computer monitors and CRTs piled up in junkyards and uninhabited areas but have you ever thought of recycling it the way Edson Azevedo does it. He has been literally transforming those junk into waste baskets and in turn provides 2 methods for a better future. One is that the e-waste will be recycled and second one is that there will be places for people for dumping their wastes.

Those of you who didn’t knew about the problems that the abandoned monitors cause all over the world, let’s throw some light on it.

When the term ‘hazardous waste’ is used, usually people think of paint, toxic chemicals or bio-hazardous materials.

No one thinks that one of the most common forms of hazardous waste could be a daily household item that millions of people across the world use. Many people do not know that computers and computer monitors are actually classified as hazardous waste.

Computers and computer monitors are considered hazardous waste materials due to the high amounts of dangerous materials that can be found in both of these items.

Every computer contains high levels of heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, toxins and plastics.

All of these materials are considered hazardous to people’s health and the environment, which is why many states and federal governments require that computers and computer monitors need to be properly recycled to avoid environmental and health issues.

Anyway, with innovations from Edson and others like him, we sincerely hope for a better tomorrow. Don’t you also feel so?

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