Butterflies-inspired Lingerie Stays Close to Nature; is Trendy Too

Being sexy in fashionable lingerie and being loyal to the cause of the nature – can you make it in one go?  That is what the sustainable lingerie series designed by Rio Wrenn, a fashion designer based in Portland, Oregon, offers to nature obsessed fashion lovers among the fair sex.

Out of her interest for historic lingerie designs and sustainable ways of dress designing, Wrenn has come out with her new collection of sustainable lingerie series in the name of butterflies.

What is the relation between butterflies and lingerie? Well, Psyche, the latest lingerie collection from Wrenn is named after this Greek word for butterflies.  But more goes common between lingerie and butterflies, says this designer.

The psyche collection, as per the designer, reminds the “delicate and metamorphic elegance of the butterfly”. Moreover, the lingerie in this collection are natural as butterflies and sustainable as the way they are being made.

Wrenn makes her designs and dyes from natural components like the berries in her garden to print the rust and copper objects found in this collection. The collection has taken its shape with the love and dedication for the designer to create sustainable lingerie line.

The sustainability of the fashion fabric from Wrenn is not just in her use of natural dyes. Apart from that, the lingerie in this collection is made up of natural fibers such as silk, silk blends, organic bamboo, which is then hand dyed.

Wrenn also make use of recycled fabrics to keep the sustainability credo up, while giving shape to her delicate feminine designs with natural dyes.

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