Brunton Solar Powered iPhone Case is Stylish and Rugged

There are a lot of smartphone cases available in the market to protect the fine-looking mobile gadget from getting bruised, but the solar-powered iPhone case by Brunton is definitely mind blowing. The solar-powered case has been crafted for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and is a rugged solution to keep your phone protected from any kind of impact that the phone may endure.

It comes across as extra tough and the rubberized shell vows to lend complete protection as it will absorb all the shocks and damages that may shorten the life of your beloved gadget. The case also has a 2.4 Amp rechargeable battery, which will prove to be useful apart from lending the much needed protection.

Brunton is well known for innovation in the categories of recreational compasses and navigation gear, binoculars, backpacking equipment, family camping, GPS, headlamps, solar panels for portable power, and surveying instruments including the Brunton Pocket Transit, a measuring tool used by geologists and archaeologists and often known as simply a “Brunton”.

This instrument was first patented in 1894 by a Canadian-born Coloradogeologist named David W. Brunton. This piece of leather from Brunton may not be the best looking iPhone case. But in fulfilling its purpose, it is unparallel.

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