Brazilian Atlantic Woods House a Forest Home

A kind of modern cottage that is ecological and integrated to nature. This was the dream of the architect George Mills before building his summer home on a beach on the north coast of Sao Paulo. After the construction, the concrete bin stands out amidst the woods by its innovative structure and the fluid spiral staircase (spiral shaped) that connects the floors.

The architect, George Mills wished that he could see the beach from this house, but even on the roof of coverage which is nine feet above the ground, the trees are still much higher than the building, blocking the view.

The clearance below the first floor also allows the construction of another floor in the future will hold three meters away from the field and contain two suites. The project, which was featured in the award of 9 the Architecture Biennale Sao Paulo (nonaBia) held in 2011, was thought not only to meet the desires of the architect, but mainly as a solution to integrate the man in the Atlantic Forest, preserving the ecological balance.

According to Mills, currently around 60% of the population lives in urban areas is located within this ecosystem. In addition to housing the majority of cities and metropolitan areas, the original forested area is home to major industrial centers, oil and port inBrazil, accounting for almost 80% of national GDP.

On the other hand, the welfare of thousands of Brazilians depends on environmental resources of the forest, such as springs.

As it is situated in an area of ​​environmental protection and river between two arms (one with a width of around ten meters), the project met a series of determinations, such as minimum distances of 30 meters of a river and 50 meters the other, according to federal law. The construction process also sought to suit ground conditions, we hear.

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