Volvo Double-Decker Brings Green Technology to London Roads [Video]

On the busy 76-route in London, between Waterloo Station and Tottenham, transportation is accomplished by one of Volvo’s hybrid double-decker buses. The hybrid bus, a modern city vehicle that utilizes hybrid power, is a two-axle man mover boasting fuel savings of up to 30 percent. And, at standstill the bus produces no exhaust gases at all.

The 26 buses that Arriva, the company that contracts transportation, is operating through this route use diesel-hybrid technology.

According to Edward Jobson, head of environmental affairs Volvo Buses, this new technology saves 34 percent in fuel costs compared to traditional buses. Arriva uses 46 double-decker hybrid buses in total.

Volvo’s single-storey 7700 Hybrid buses is a diesel-hybrid power train. It operates using diesel power and electric power, exclusive of each other.

Under normal circumstances, the electric motor is used when moving off from standstill and for accelerating to speeds of up to about 20 km/h. This, in fact, promotes considerable fuel savings.

At higher speeds, the diesel engine takes over propulsion of the bus and at the same time charges the electric motor’s batteries.

Volvo 7700 Hybrid bus can be seen all across the globe. This is widely acclaimed as the only commercially viable hybrid on the market. In London, an excellent exhibition of the implementation of green technology on roads is currently making waves.

Wouldn’t you want your road transport authority to go the London way?

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