Toyota Fun-Vii Concept Sports a Bubbly Young Heart

Weird innovative concepts always steal the show, be it on the automotive terrain or elsewhere. Take the example of the Toyota Fun-Vii presented at Tokyo Motor Show recently. What exactly makes the three-seater Fun-Vii concept special is that it is like a mobile phone – or a ‘four wheeled smartphone’ as they call it.  Like its name, it has a lot of properties similar to the smartphones of today, with interior and exterior customizations.

Customizations are pretty extraordinary; with flexible organic LED screens on the body were you can display anything – like a message, pictures from our phones our other devices, different skins, or may be some advertising if they become popular.

Interiors can be personalized according to your mood. The Toyota Fun-Vii can function like a phone, communicating with fellow cars, picking friends near your locations, and will get periodic updates on the car software front.

Also, it can be accessed remotely via smartphones. At the moment,Toyotahas nothing to state about the production version – it could be electric, hybrid. The carmaker hasn’t said if they are considering it for a practical model, but speculations suggest that you need to expect the car on the road in the near future.

Dimensions are 4020 mm in length, 1745 mm in width, and a height of 1415 mm. The car comes with a wheelbase of 2750 mm. It has been envisaged for the younger generation, who are adhered to phones, says Yoshihiro Sawa,Toyota’s advanced design manager. We guessToyotais on the right track. Don’t you agree?

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