Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid Emerges with Much Promise

This is about the new mean machine from the Suzuki stables. The debut of the Swift EV Hybrid at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show clearly establishes the effort the Japanese car giant has put into their production line all the while.

At  first look, you will be able to infer that the design is basically that of the normal Swift version. But observe closely and you won’t deny the resemblance of this vehicle with the Nissan Leaf.

Anyhow, what the folks at Suzuki want us to do is to concentrate on the productivity the vehicle is offering us. Hajime Maruyama, general manager of the Suzuki electric drive vehicle design department, has described the Swift EV Hybrid as “a global model that uses technology which we are considering for use in other Suzuki models, too.”

The Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid is capable of travelling up to 11.2 miles on single charge. Its hybrid engine comprises electric and petrol version and both are similar to what we get to experience with the Chevrolet Volt.

Specifications of the hybrid haven’t been revealed, but they could be identical to that of Swift Plug-In concept unveiled in 2009 at Tokyo.

You would remember, it came powered by an electric motor with petrol engine that harnessed 55kw of power. In the front, the all new Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid features futuristic tweaks such as LED lamps rear and front, redesigned cabin with two large digital screens and covered wheels and grille.

The benefit of having a shorter range is that the Swift takes just 90 minutes for a full recharge of a 200V supply, or four hours off a standard 100V supply. So there is no need for a fast charger. The car can also serve as a household power supply via an outlet on the centre console. Isn’t that gonna be cool?


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