SMPLy Mod Prefab Home Prototype in Colombia Offers Green Properties

The SMPLy Mod Prefab Homes’ first prototype was fabricated and installed inBritish Columbia in a span of 9 weeks. It is a simple eco-friendly two-bedroom, one-bathroom house with two levels that cost less than $140 per sq. foot – including the price of the land.

Located on a derelict subdivision lot, the home was built on a concrete pier foundation system to minimize site disturbance and avoid potential bedrock issues.

The design is simple, featuring a kitchen, dining, living room and a utility closet on the ground floor with two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor.

The floor, wall, roof and window insulation values are all above building code standards and features engineered bamboo click flooring.

The SMPLy Mod homes come with different standard finishes and modular designs, but it can be upgraded to more eco-friendly options or may be designed to meet your needs.

The cost of the two-storey, two-bedroom Model 984 starts at $109,000 including delivery anywhere in the US or Canada.

SMPLy Mod will also work with your design to install radiant floor heating, solar systems, alternative insulation, or any other finishes you want.

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