‘Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows’ Shot the Eco-Friendly Way [Video]

Guess who’s doing his bit in the process of making the world more sustainable? Sherlock Holmes! Technically, that is. Warner Bros, the makers of ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’,  have been extremely conscious about green production and worked with the production crew to try and do as much as possible to make sure that everything that could be recycled was recycled.

The movie that stars Robert Downey Jr in the title role with Jude Law, keeps their bantering Holmes-Watson chemistry intact, and introduces Sherlock’s best-known nemesis, Jared Harris as iconic uber-villain Moriarty.

As a part of the green initiatives set by Warner Bros, they brought Greenshoot to consult and assist the production in lowering the carbon footprint and to help implement more sustainable production practices.

Over a six-month period, the crew of ‘SH2′ worked to make the production more sustainable and with help, education and guidance more environmentally conscious and their success was driven by the initiatives set by the Greenshoot team.

Most crew members already recycled at home, so they knew the need to bring good practices to the industry which can produce high carbon emissions.

The production unit took care of diverting all the waste that occurred during production, and the food waste directly to composting, converting the waste into a “food to energy steam”.

In the end, the crew successfully diverted 756 tons of film waste from landfill with a recovery rate of 98.4 percent which was a zero landfill achievement, saving 2,500 tons of C02 from being emitted by using Greenshoot throughout the production, and saved money through Greenshoot’s services into the production.

Grammy award-winner Hans Zimmer, best known for his musical scores of The Dark Knight and The Lion King, who has also composed the music for the movie, noted that he has been trying to do his bit in the green initiative by making his recording studio in Germany greener, by trying to implement solar power.

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