Scarlett Johansson Wishes to Quit Showbiz for Organic Farm

Scarlett Johansson is on a roll. And, in a very environment-friendly way. Apparently, she’s taking her role a bit too seriously in the new movie “We bought a zoo”. The beautiful girl has some bold plans: she dreams of becoming an organic farmer.

It hasn’t been long since she associated with lifestyle label Neff to design organic beanies to fight cancer. 10% of each sale of the Neff Hope Beanie is donated to the City ofHope Medical Research, a leading cancer research and treatment organization based inLos Angeles.

According to Johansson, she helped create this Neff Beanie with the hope that every purchase might make a cancer patient feel a bit more comfortable. And now this!

The “Iron Man 2” and “The Prestige” star insisted she wouldn’t mind giving up showbiz for growing an organic farm. The actor claimed that her wish is one of the things she would like to do outside the movie business that she wants to pursue and hopefully, eventually will do when all things fall apart.

She also mentioned that she would love to grow a vineyard somewhere and an organic farm. The wish, according to her is just a “hippy-dippy wish” at present, but definitely one she looks forward to.

At least there’s something to be happy about, if, one day (and I sincerely wish that this day should not be anytime soon), she decides to stop acting and go forth with her green dreams.

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