Revenge of the Electric Car Now on DVD; Set for January 24th Release [Video]

Lots have already been written about the Revenge of the Electric Car, the movie that has Carlos Ghosn, Elon Musk and Bob Lutz push their respective companies in getting their EVs out. This indeed is a movie that held out the significance of a relevant topic. The popularity still holds, and it’s time for the DVD.

On January 24th, the DVD version of the movie will be out and it will provide the repeat viewers a few exciting add-ons despite covering all the scenes they have gone through in the real movie.

The much awaited special bonus is the 35-minute panel that took place after the premiere during the Tribeca Film Festival. Extra footage and celebrity interviews will be there in the DVD and Netflix is welcoming the movie in a few weeks.

If you’re interested in owning a copy, you can buy the movie from Amazon for $21.99 or directly from the distributor for $29.99.

Revenge of the Electric Car presents the recent revivification of electric vehicles as seen through the eyes of four trailblazers of the EV revolution. Director Chris Paine has had unprecedented access to the electric car research and development programs at General Motors, Nissan, and Tesla Motors, while also following a part time electric car converter who declines to wait for the international carmakers to make the electric cars.

As more electric car models began to arrive in showrooms and driveways across the world, Chris Paine’s film offers an inspiring, harboring and unequivocal account of this revolutionary moment in human transportation.

Revenge of the Electric Car follows these auto makers as they race each other to create the first, best and most publicly accepted electric cars for the new car market.

In case you missed out on the first look trailer video, here’s the clip for you.

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