Porsche’s Upcoming Headquarters in Atlanta to Sport Green Roof

Really fascinating green stuff here! Porsche is driving virtually onto to the green tarmac in their effort aimed at environment friendliness. The carmaker’s new upcoming headquarters will sport a green roof and good ventilation. Work on the new base is now on in North America’s Atlanta. Architecture firm HOK, famous for their outstanding green designs, is behind the whole new eco-friendly concept.

Going by what HOK says, the nearly 200,000 sq ft complex will have space to accommodate up to 400 employees under one roof on a high-profile in the 26 acre Aerotropolis site near the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Through this project, HOK aims to get a minimum of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Silver certification. The HQ will feature natural ventilation and on-site energy generation and green roofs.

The green roof will showcase a mechanism to filter rainwater and return toAtlanta’s water system and to reduce the heat island effect.

The project will also integrate the track into the lower levels of the office buildings and weave in subtle motorsport-related cues with a cool Porsche experience. The project has been designed to perform the same high-energy feel and performance as Porsche automobiles. That’s really cool, isn’t it?

The new Porsche HQ will be an ideal example for all other luxury car brands to follow and go green! Let’s hope that the new project achieves what it aims at.

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