Nissan Electric Van Concept May Head for Detroit

Nissan has plans to introduce two new concepts at the North American International Auto Show, to get underway at Detroit. The Pathfinder concept will preview the next-generation model which will be launched in the fall of 2012, though no pictures have been released as yet.

Along with the model, the car maker will also unveil an electric van concept. This EV would be aimed at roping in businesses and families with the promise of being flexible and spacious.

With regard to the new Pathfinder concept, auto enthusiasts are expecting a MUV similar to that of the Infiniti JX. Don’t go by the pic that’s posted alongside, its the  2011 Pathfinder we have posted just to show you what the vehicle might look like.

That is, the seven-passenger premium crossover will be offering easy access to the third row seats that comes with a 3.5 liter DOHC V6 coupled to a sport-tuned CVT transmission.

Output on the 3.5 liter unit will be 265 hp (198 kW / 269 PS) and 248 lb-ft (336 Nm) of torque.

Regarding the other model, no details other than the vehicle is based on Van concept is available now. But it’s for sure that this vehicle is targeted at families as Nissan always gives room to family car ideas along with SUVs and MUVs.

The current models of X-Trail and Pathfinder have provided Nissan with good sales and respectable reputation. With the launch of these two concept cars, Nissan is trying to be at the top beating all its competitors.

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