Nemo and Co-Stars on the Verge of Extinction; Let’s Help Them Live

Researchers have found that the marine species of fish that appeared in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ are fast disappearing. The rate of death of these species are increasing day by day, it has been found.

Nemo belongs to the category of Clown Fish that is not dying as much as its co-actors in the movie do.

The movie had a positive impact in boosting the marine conservation activities but it now seems that there is no stopping the reasons for the wide spread death of these aquatic creatures.

The reasons, as you already know, are the same as it was since the beginning of Industrial revolution.

Dumping of non-biodegradable waste in seas and other water bodies, water pollution due to various accumulations and the like have been killing these beautiful, innocent beings.

Scientists are voicing their concern by conducting awareness programs but they are not having any serious effects on people. The reason for this is that people are ignorant of the diversity marine life has to offer.

Humans are now making machines to do all their jobs, planning to make a trip to other celestial planets but in the meantime failing to understand the beauty of nature and the prosperity it has offered us.

It has become the need of the hour to initiate action against this monstrosity at the earliest, or else there won’t be an original Nemo for the next generation to see if the wide spread damage continues.

Find the study here. Are you willing to lend your voice and efforts to preserve the fast vanishing marine life?

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