Lexus CT Hybrid Parts Get Recycled to Make Wearable Stuff [Images]

Ever thought car parts can be wearable stuff. I never did, until now. Besides that, I never ever knew that the Lexus CT hybrid is a vehicle that is 90 percent recyclable! Green thinking is making things really happen. Interesting, right?  Designers have now come up with pieces of fashion art as part of The Lexus Fashion Workshop, and they are awesome to say the least.

What is indeed exciting is the fact that recycling has climbed on to a new level by turning an art form. Lexus placed the challenge before four of fashion’s most innovative designers to do some bit of out of the box thinking on their notions of automotive design for a campaign that is to appear in the pages of Vogue. And, see what they have come up with!

As the Art Basel trickles into the Miami art scene this year, these recycled art pieces will get podium space. The unusual art pieces made out of recycled bits of a Lexus CT 200h makes it to the ramp this time around in the form of wearable art.

The designers have come up with their wearable designs aptly naming them Environmental Crown of Virtue, Nomadic Sanctuary, the Valve Collection and the Luna Shoe.

Now that’s one amazing attempt at recycling, indeed.  Look at the pictures and you will agree.


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