Kia Ray EV, Korea’s First Ever Electric Production Vehicle, Plugs In

Korea, here she comes! The Korean market has exclusively pocketed Kia Motors’ new Kia Ray EV. The new electric vehicle comes close on the heels of the earlier Kia Ray CUV that had debuted last month sporting a 1.0-liter gasoline engine. The first Korean production electric car will come to the market in a batch of 2,500 units most probably next year. We hear the EV will be first picked up by government agencies and public offices.

The first electric vehicle in the world that has been assembled similar to the regular combustion-engine Ray models, the Ray EV boasts some awesome features. Running on a high-capacity 16.4 kWh lithium ion polymer battery pack placed under the under the rear seat and cabin floor, the car will be powered by a 50kW electric motor that returns 167 Nm of torque.

Boasting the best in the segment efficiency  at 93 percent, the electric motor vehicle has capabilities that helps it locate a recharging stations by itself. It takes just six hours to fully charge the battery pack via a standard 220V outlet. And, on a fast charge mode, it takes just 25 minutes to fill the battery and return a maximum range of 139 km.

Kia has said  that the car also is equipped with features such as  regenerative braking system, Virtual Engine Sound System for speeds below 20 kph, Hill Assist Control to prevent roll-back and two inlet charging ports in the front grille and fuel filler cap for normal and fast charging.

All of 187 kg in weight, the car can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 15.9 seconds. Top speed is 130 kph.

The Korean EV beauty exudes a major amount of charm. The features add to the attraction. Don’t you wish you were in Korea?

The tech specs of the EV for you, in a nutshell:



  • Length 3593 mm Width 1595 mm
  • Height 1700 mm Wheelbase 2520 mm
  • Kerb weight 1185 kg


  • Electric motor 50 kW
  • Max power 68 ps Max torque 167 Nm (17.0 g/km)


  • Power 330V Lithium ion polymer
  • Capacity 16.4 kWh
  • Charge time 6.0 hrs (slow) / 25 minutes (fast)


  • 0-to-100 kph 15.9 sec (to 62 mph)
  • Max speed 130 kph (81 mph)
  • Max range 139 km (86 miles)
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