Keyboard Wall to Fight for the Environment; Feel Like Emulating this?

What would you do when you have an old keyboard which is of no use, since it stopped performing its function? Many of us, including me, will throw it away or put it in garbage, adding further to non bio-degradable waste, from which earth is suffocating to death.

Some, but not many, talented people would make value added products, like toys and accessories out of it. Look what Sarah Frost did with her old keyboards?

Rather than making an art component, which many of us can’t, she used the keys to decorate her walls. This is an action to persist her memories of her cast-off objects. This is something all of us can do, thanks to Sarah Foster for her brilliant idea!

In Sarah’s own words:

“My work examines our culture through the collection of its remains, such as discarded consumer objects. Rather than making representations to create an art object, I accumulate cast-off objects to create their history, evidence of use and what they imply about their users.”

Sarah says she finds personal traces on those discarded gadgets, especially in the absence of their owners.

Artists like Chris Jordan create art out of discarded gadget to remind us about the adverse effect of our consumer culture. It is true that millions of gadgets are thrown away into our surroundings and never recycled. The wall made by Ms. Frost is really outstanding in the era of global warming.

Don’t you too feel like applauding the initiative?

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