iPad-Driven Biome Smart Terrarium to Revolutionize Plant Growth in an Artificial Ecosystem

The Apple iPad, for the majority of its users, is no more than expensive multi-functional toy. But the artificial ecosystem Biome Smart Terrarium is created to discover new and amazing possibilities of the “tablet”. Terrariums are typically dome-shaped structures used to re-create and maintain specific habitats. Some can support desert life plants and small animals while others mimic tropical features or even herb gardens.

The Biome Smart Terrarium, designed by Samuel Wilkinson, contains sensors that monitor its needs, such as water, light or nutrients.

Those sensors are monitored by the iPad, which triggers it to receive what it needs when it needs it.

The main purpose of this is the time between ideas what to do with mobile devices in their moments of “rest”.

Biome Smart Terrarium is made to teach people that they possess, at least occasionally pause in their lives, to translate it from the quick mode to slow. Because sometimes useful to stop, look around, think and do something really useful and necessary.

Samuel Wilkinson, the creative mind behind PLUMEN (the very light bulb illuminating our own bathroom), designed the Biome terrarium as a sort of meditative-escapist alternative to the typical entertainment or task oriented app.

Instead of trying to deal with HD games or update a social network, Wilkinson’s concept connects iPad/iPhone with a bio-feedback system for ‘digital downtime’, conceived with plant growth promoting lighting and customizable settings specific to the type of flora placed inside.

Biome was developed for a recent exhibition titled Slow Tech – Designs for Digital Downtime. There’s no information on Wilkinson’s plans to market the Biome or its companion iOS app. What do you have to say about this?

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