IKEA Green Efforts Continue; EV Charging Station Comes Up after Solar Installations

IKEA, in the US, had already announced its expansion plans for solar installations in 75% of its stores. In the UK, it has already bought a giant wind farm with plans to run 100% on renewable energy. And now, taking another leap in the process of using clean energy, the company is foraying into electric vehicle charging at their Costa Mesastore in California, making it the 4th IKEA location in the country to complete installation of EV charging stations.

Already installed stations by the retailer are in San Diego,Carson and Portland, and plans to install charging stations at five other IKEA stores in theWestern United Statesare on.

To charge an electric vehicle at theCosta Mesastore, drivers pull into a designated parking spot, swipe their Blink InCard and plug the charger into the vehicle.

Customers can then shop or eat in the store while the vehicle is charging. Apparently, Electric Vehicles are only a part of building a sustainable transportation system; the company is also offering home delivery services for customers who come without a vehicle, and even free bus services in some locations.

Seems like IKEA’s efforts to remove the carbon usage is gaining foothold, and at present, quite a long way ahead of many companies making way into the competition.

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