Horse Slaughtering Law in the US Has Many Against, and For, It

You might have recently heard about the US President Barack Obama’s signing of a law passing the killing of horses for human consumption. This action has seen many slamming the move. The legislation has pained many people, including animal activists and fellow animal lovers across the globe.

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We stumbled upon a Washington Times report that says as many as 138,000 horses were slaughtered in 2010. Also, studies by the Christian Science Monitor have revealed that horse abandonment has increased to 1,588 from 975 in just a matter of four years.

Michael Makarian, president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, one of the organizations protesting against the law, has been quoted as saying that states which are going to open horse-slaughter plants will be soon put under pressure.

For the past 5 years slaughtering of horses were banned in the US. But there were exports of horses during this time period. Further, it has been pointed out that if horse slaughter is banned it will adversely affect the breeders and owners resulting in a poor economy.

Though there are many voices against the law from the side of animal lovers, some animal rights groups do support the law! David Perle, spokesperson for PETA, has been heard saying that even if slaughterhouses are opening in the US, there should be a ban on export of live horses so as to reduce the suffering they are forced to undergo.

He suggests it is better to ban slaughter in the US and also export of live horses.

So if there are horse-eaters among you, they can be happy that horse meat comes to your menu from now on! But, think again. Do you really want to support horse slaughter?

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