Honda EV-STER Gets Into Production Stage; Seen as Massive Stride in EV Terrain

In the current scenario of electric propulsion vehicles, companies are toying with the idea of combining that with performance orientation. A few weeks ago at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda brought up a pleasing little package called the EV-STER. The concept behind the design was a sporty little ride around town on the vehicle running on electric power.

Initially, companies like Tesla and Audi brought out ideas for performance orientation and managed to pull it off to little success. Audi tested the idea with its E-Tron concepts.

Honda itself tried out the idea with its CR-Z, which was supposed to be a hybrid sport-hatch, but ended up lacking the ‘sport’ part in the whole idea, similar to theLexus CT200h.

Based on positive feedback from the Tokyo Show, Honda has decided to go on with the project and start production.

The company has given the green-light to the project for production and will be out some time in the next year, say sources. Also, it may offer a more conventional gasoline engine in addition to the electric powertrain.

If this project does get built, it will be a massive stride ahead in the league of electric vehicles.

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