Holiday Train Show at NYC Botanical Garden Has Plant Sculptures Stealing the Show

Ever been on the holiday train? You will be really relaxed and wonder struck if you are at the New York Botanical Garden. The Holiday Train Show will show you the amazing landmarks of the NYC, recreated out of millions of twigs and leaves!  The Holiday Train Show is conducted during the winter of every year. Models of landmarks presented in the show are made out of plant materials, and they indeed look awesome.

The Holiday Train Show, started in 1992, has been attracting visitors from all over with the amazing sculptures created by artist Paul Busse along with his Applied Imagination team.

The Holiday Train Show is now celebrating its 20th year, featuring an awesome miniature model of the NYC’s greatest buildings and landmarks. The models are made with millions of twigs, leaves, barks and nuts.

The train show showcases models ranging from the Guggenheim Museum made out of fungus to a towering Brooklyn Bridge made out of bark.

The sculptures also include models of the Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the TWA Terminal at JFK and many other places of historical importance.

You can imagine the sincerity and credibility of the artists’ work when you come to know that they have spend almost 1,000 hours on making one sculpture!

We must say that the amazing Holiday Train Show is a must-watch of this season. So don’t miss it! Check out the images we have for you, courtesy of Inhabitat.


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