Grow a Garden on You, and Flaunt it Too! [Video]

Are you a garden freak who, given a chance, would carry the plants and creepers you have been nourishing and nurturing all the while, wherever you go?  Not many would want to do that, right?  No, before running to conclusions, there are many who would want to wear their gardens to parties and even when they are on errands.

The fashion industry, as always, has been looking for creative ideas and this is one that seems to have struck them. Designers Ali Seçkin Karayol and Mette Lyckegaard have now come up with a new ‘Mesh’ dress that holds your plants. The dress is a wearable garden, indeed.

It is not just a garden that holds your plants while on the move. The Mesh dress also composts kitchen scraps so as to nourish the plants that happily grow on your gown.

The idea seems to have stemmed from the realization that people need to be provided with an opportunity to give back to nature. Not just on the ramp, all you out there can do that by wearing your own small ecosystem.

The dress is doubles up as an organic waste container that nourishes the seeds you sow on your dress. All you will need to do is to slipping kitchen waste into the Mesh dress’ pockets and see the seedlings let out cute leaves.

We aren’t too sure as to whether we would get to see beautiful women walk around with tin little gardens on them, as this is just in the concept stage. The way the fashion terrain is looking at things, we guess this could turn real soon.

And, that could mean that you can also walk around with a garden on you. By the way, would you want to do that? Tell us why.

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