Fabric Cleans Itself When Exposed To Sunlight: Does That Mean it’s the End of Laundry?

This could be the end of laundry as we know it. Scientists in China are developing a cotton fabric that cleans and deodorizes itself when exposed to regular sunlight. According to a recent report in the journal Applied Materials & Interfaces, Mingce Long and Devong Wu of the Hubei University for Nationalities and Shanghai JiaoTong University have created a self-cleaning material by using a coating made from a compound of titanium dioxide- the white stuff found in white paint, food coloring, and sunscreen that doesn’t require a high dose of ultraviolet rays to work its magic.

This could mean wonders for people like me, who generally wake up happily on a Sunday morning with the thought of lazing around, but then suddenly get the jitters: “Oh! I’ve got clothes to wash!”

This, my dear friends, could be the end of laundry and definitely, one person is happy about it.

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