Enjoy Bike Rides with Weatherproof Reecharge Case for Your iPhone [Video]

Tech savvy bikers have something to cheer about now. Especially, if you use your iPhone for GPS navigation and as a distance tracker and hence mount it to your handlebars! The Reecharge Case by BioLogic is a perfect accessory. It is a tough, weatherproof case that protects your iPhone and at the same time allows you to use the touchscreen without compromise.

The case allows you to access your apps whenever and wherever, irrespective of bumps, knocks and rain.

The case is totally weatherproof and has an additional feature to put you at ease and make your long rides enjoyable – it has a lithium polymer battery that charges your phone while you’re out, so you don’t risk running out of battery.

It works with most models of the iPhone – 3G up to the new 4S.

BioLogic has also come up with the Dynamo Charging Kit that works with the Reecharge case and  can still charge your phone if you run out of both your phone’s battery and the battery on the case.

The products are not yet out but will hopefully reach the market soon. Would you want to own them? Tell us why.

Watch the video that details the device here.

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