Eiffel Tower to Transform Itself into a Huge Green Tree!

How about making a large flower pot out of the great Eiffel Tower? The Ginger Group has lined up measures to transform the famous Eiffel Tower of Paris into a huge tree by planting 600,000 plants on it! We hear the 324 meters tall Eiffel tower will be planted with 12 tons of rubber tubing and greenery planted bags will be added to make the structure a huge tree! If the plan goes successful as planned, it will help to erase 87.8 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

To cost around 72 million Euros, the project has been identified by Le Figaro and pubicized (See infographic here).

The move is to also include an irrigation system which will make the plants well-watered. Ginger group hopes that the world will bring Paris to the forefront, when it comes to regions committed to a sustainable future.

The group has made a small scale model of the new plan and is working out to make it real by June next.

Now, are you worried over the future of the beautiful lights that illuminate the tower when the new plan gets practical?

There’s no reason for concern on that front too. The present lights will be retained, but there will be add-ons of LED lamps so as to make the cool tower amazing at nights.

But there remains a doubt whether the plan become a reality as the amount involved is huge. Also, it would need large scale engineering ideas. We think the Green Eiffel idea is really cool! Let’s wait for June to dawn.


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