Doolight Raindrop Shaped Lights are Cordless, Heatless and Rechargeable

Light up your lives, the stylish way. These little drop lights shaped like raindrops from Doolight will get you smitten by them at once. This contemporary-type light fixture is a cordless, heatless, limitless design. The individual lights can be grouped together as a single set of lights or can be used as single lights throughout your home.

The overhead lighting effect can be enhanced in a better way by the modern- flower shaped bases that hold the lights.

You can adjust the intensity of light according to your mood- bright or dim to create a lively, romantic or dreamy atmosphere. Simply activate and adjust the drop light by touching and holding the side of the fixture.

The drop lights are portable, just grab a drop can carry it with you whenever you are on the move. Charge it for a couple of hours and enjoy more than 10 hours of lighting.

Made of flexible silicon, the Drop Light offers durability and practicality to the design. Looking for more? Head here. We have a handful of images too for you below.


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