Daihatsu FC Sho Case Cinema-on-Wheels Concept is Awesome; Boasts Fuel Cells Within

How about watching your favorite movie in a home-theater-in-a-box on wheels? Wouldn’t it be more exciting if you know that this home-theater-in-a-box on wheels is all green too? Too many questions, right? Okay, let us tell you all about it. The moving-on-wheels cinema house now garnering all attention is the Daihatsu FC Sho Case.

In case you are wondering, the Sho case is a futuristic vehicle that runs on emission-free, liquid fuel cells and has a huge HDTV that plays movies for you.

The green vehicle has been built with the entire drivetrain seen under a perfectly flat see-through floor. The car has been created in such a way that the seats and steering wheel can be stowed flat.

Why so, you ask? The seats and steering wheel need to be folded when the 50 inches HDTV inside is ready for show time. The car’s doors also moves so that a clear view of the screen within is possible.

Now, you tend to ask if the Daihatsu FC Sho Case is coming to your neighborhood too  soon, right? Sadly, no.

This because the vehicle is still in the concept stage and could take a few more years to turn real.

Look at the pictures and tell us if you would really want this drive into your town with all those amazing flicks you wanted to watch.


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