Christmas Tree Made of Clothes Hangers Spreads ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ Message

Christmas is round the corner and Bahrain has yet again ushered in the spirit of the season in an innovative fashion. A Christmas tree that is over 10 feet tall with electric Santa Claus toys decorating it adorns a health club in the Kingdom. Well, it’s but normal to have a Christmas tree at this season of the year, right? But this tree that shimmers in the winter evenings at the Jannusan Heath Club is unique because of the creative touch and a feel for the environment linked to it.

The tree is made of and is adorned with ornaments framed out of wire cloth hangers. The architect of this tree – Thomas Varghese, the in-charge of the health club, decided to ‘go green’ this year with his Christmas celebrations.

While most people will be purchasing expensive Christmas decorations this festive season, Varghese decided to go green this exceptional way.

Varghese says the project was started with the intention of doing something different this Christmas and that has a strong social message.

He says he had planned for weeks together before making the tree, which has taken shape with throw away hangers joined together to make stars.

“I wanted to show that even those things which may seem useless can be put to wonderful purposes,” says Varghese.

The clothes hangers are joined without any distortion to form a star. He says that he uses between 12-20 hangers for a star, depending on the shape. They are then arranged to form a Christmas tree. The ‘tree’ has used more than 100 hangers.

The inspiration behind using the hangers came when he saw boxes of hangers in the trash, he said. “With the tree, I wish to promote the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,” he adds.

Varghese took only about an hour to actually to make the tree. Soon, he was into the job, the twisting and joining together of the hangers became more and more easy with practice. However, he still has bruises and cuts on his hands from all the work.

He says he was extra careful as he did not want to damage the hangers, as it would destroy the purpose of his efforts.

Varghese has worked at the health club for more than three decades. Customers expressed their delight at the unusual Christmas decoration.

He says he had opened a guest book for people to write their comments.

“I would have never even thought of something like this,” wrote a customer Ebrahim Hejairi. December has been a month of combining ‘green’ ideas with Christmas celebrations in theIslandofPearls.

Earlier, Bahrain’s Moven’ Pick hotel had attempted to break the Guinness Record by using the maximum number of plastic bottles for making a Christmas tree.

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