Christmas Tree Made from Throw Away Bottles Adorns Bahrain Hotel Lounge

It’s Jingle Bells all around! Santa has come visiting Bahrain’s Movenpick Hotel. And, see how they have decked up the hotel. Significantly enough, this time around too it is a Green Christmas’ here.  The arrival of the season of joy witnessed a 20 member group of the hotel setting up a brightly lit Christmas tree made of 2,373 throw away bottles!

The tree has been lit in green, an eco-friendly gesture and an olive twig of peace to the world from the tiny island of Bahrain. The tree stands tall in the hotel lounge, announcing a challenge to the Guinness World Record and a signature of Bahrain’s nature-loving people. The hotel’s General Manager Heinz Krähenbühl told Greenlichen:

“We wanted to make an announcement aboutBahrain, different from what the world hears and sees, focusing mainly on how it has overcome trouble times. Moreover, we are keen in promoting the recycling of plastic in the country. “We decided to make our celebrations grand by trying to earnBahraina Guinness World Record as well as green.”

The tree will contest for the largest structure made from recycled plastic bottles, said hotel officials, the result of which will be announced only next year.

Ecostep, Kamen Communications LTDUK holds the present world record by way of a chandelier made of 1,044 bottles, which was hung from a tree in Malmö, Sweden on August 17, 2010.

The bottles used to make the tree will be donated to theFrenchSchoolnext month. The money generated by getting them recycled will be donated to a charitable organization.

Krähenbühl hailed the efforts of the staff members who made the idea a reality. Present at the annual Christmas party hosted by the hotel were Undersecretary of Ministry of Tourism Nada Yasin and Muharraq Governor Salman bin Isa Bin Hindi.

Now, this is one gesture we hope all nature lovers around the world would want to emulate. Aren’t you one among them?

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  1. Epic post, have a great Christmas!

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