Chevy Beat EV on India Jaunt; Doesn’t it Look Charming?

With Beat EV taking a tour ofIndia, Chevrolet is holding on to its success for the coming years as well. GM has brought in the latest version of the Beat EV to the country. The Beat EV comes packed with a 300-cell, 20-kWh lithium battery pack (larger than the Chevy Volt’s 17-kWh pack) giving the little hatch a range of 130 kilometers (81 miles).

Chevy has already announced an electric version of the Chevy Spark for the US, with availability set for 2013.

Some of the information gathered from trials of the Beat EV will be used to refine the production version of the Spark EV, but GM hasn’t yet provided details on the battery size, range, or pricing of the production vehicle.

The electric version of the Spark / Beat will also be available in some global markets. The diesel variant of the Beat carries a three-cylinder turbo diesel engine based on Fiat multi-jet technology. It is said to be good for about 130 km (81 miles) of normal driving.

For the EV, the recharge time with 240-volt power is under eight hours. A single-speed-drive unit and an electric motor producing about 45-kW (60 horsepower) turn the front wheels. No top speed or other tech specs were listed for the latest EV being shown by its North America-based maker in several markets other than its home market.

In Germany, the electric GM/Opel Meriva, announced back in September 2010, has a 60-kW (82-horsepower) electric motor with torque output of 215 Nm (159 foot-pounds). Its 16 kWh battery delivers range of 64 km (40 miles), and top speed of 130 kph (81 mph).

Would you get to drive this beauty?

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