Build a Paper Dock for your iPhone for Just $5 [Video]

Here comes a technique to get an iPhone dock at a cheaper rate, if you can’t spend $29 for the dock that Apple suggested for you.  The DIY dock is not only green and easy to make; it just cost $5 to download all the instructions.

The cheaper option to iPhone dock is made with paper and will not consume much of your time.  Once you have $5 to spend, you can make the dock whenever you want to.

The method was designed by French designer and freelancer Julien Madérou, who studied industrial design inFrance. Julien furthered his experience outsideFranceand spend time inLisbon. He got his Higher Diploma of Applied Art from Ecole Boulle, where he focused on furniture design and food display.

While designing the dock, Julien used glue, but we just need a printer, some paper, a ruler and a knife. Surely his design competes with Steve Jobs’ $29 gadget. The advantage is that you can select the color of your choice without more expense.

The paper dock brings some sort of discipline to your room. The best feature of the design is how it gave a way to adapt the charger. In contrast to the initial design, which used glue, Julien managed well to do away with the glue in his original design. Hats off to this brilliant guy!!

However, critics are of the opinion that Julien’s creativity can potentially cause deforestation if we do not use the idea judiciously! What do you have to say about that?

More pictures here.


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