BikeBrain All Set to Show You the Way Home [Video]

Who wouldn’t like to go for cycling, when there is nothing to do and you are alone in your cottage or hostel, on a very cool evening to the unexplored places of a village? Yes, we all do. What would you do when you realize you are lost in the midst of that uninhabited village? Here is the solution- BikeBrain!! With BikeBrain, such fears can’t deter you away from your passion for cycling.

BikeBrain is powerful, flexible and easy-to-use iPhone app unleashed by Biologic. The app is very helpful to track the routes and to check the altitude and the distance traveled by those who love to wander in cycle.

The app is absolutely free and can be downloaded directly from the app store. BikeBrain provides features like GPS mapping, elapsed time and many parameters, all displayed on a customizable data window. It records your previous rides so that you can compare your performances and can make out your progress.

In training mode you can track your speed, distance from your starting point, intervals for covering each distance and much more, which will help you when go out for a ride. The GPS mapping points out where you are, and to where you are heading.

It is possible to link the app with Bike Repair, which shows you how to fix your ride, or with Bike Hub Cycle Journey, which suggest the easiest way go back home.

The app is very handy for bike commuters with multi tasking capabilities and has the luxury of map and GPS.

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