Beirut Wonder Forest Project Looks to Make Lebanon Greener

Flanked by the Lebanon Mountain and extending towards the  Mediterranean Sea in the west, Beirut is one among the most beautiful places in the world. Now, the Lebanese capital would transform into a lush green city with the ambitious Beirut Wonder Forest project.

The project works by planting trees on the rooftops to impart greenery and serenity into the urban cityscape.

The project also serves the purpose of bringing down pollution, absorb the rain water runoff and improve the air quality.

The war-torn city suffers suffocation from the emission from old cars running in congested traffic. In a typical day the city will be loaded with dark smog weighing tons.

There hadn’t been any provision for many green spaces, which added to the pollution related problems. In addition to all these, people are resistant to discard their old high emission vehicles for green ones.

Thus,Lebanon’s air quality was affected. Now, Studio Invisible has come up with a feasible solution for this problem. The proposal was that to make roof-top garden over all possible buildings. The solution was not only simple, but is novel, low-cost and won’t interfere with Beirut’s proposals for urban transportation.

The design is very sustainable and would introduce green space to the city. It would contribute much to beauty and would address problems such as air quality, water shortage and more. Also, organic fruits and vegetables can be produced on the roof.

The project’s prototype is underway. If it is realized in practice, it would be the world’s first “Sky Forest”. It would be a huge step taken to make Beirut the World’s Greenest Capital.

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