Attractive Fabric Hives Set to Provide Living Spaces to Bees [Video]

This is one interesting piece of info that keeps us wonder as to why we never thought of it before. Bees are a vanishing species of late, and we needn’t tell you that, right? Think what would happen if the entire population is wiped out owing to the encroachments we make into their habitats.  With greenery and all those pollen that come with it being scarce these days, it is only natural that bees are also turning out to be a rarity. More so, in the urban environs!

Though the rural landscape isn’t much different, it’s the urban areas that have been killing the bees, thanks to human encroachment.

As if in an effort aimed at bringing about a difference, textile artist Amy Pliszka has outlined a novel idea to house and nurture the bees. The plan is also aimed at helping rural bees seeking to relocate.

Pliszka has crafted unique expandable living spaces crafted from pleated fabrics, ceramics, and wood.

Giving shape to a ‘Bees Beside Us’ concept, Pliszka has brought in her knowledge on honeybee biology and apiculture to provide homes to the insects.

Using fabrics that are natural, biodegradable, water-resistant, breathable, and insulating, the artist has made attractive houses for the bees. And, trust us, the architecture exudes some charm for sure.

Take a look at the images posted alongside and also the video below, and you would agree with what we just said. Do not hesitate to scribble in your comments in the space provided.

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