Alicia Silverstone Urges Humankind to Help Take Chimps Out of Research Labs

Alicia Silverstone is on a mission. Remember, she had called upon fellow beings to adopt turkeys instead of eating them this Thanksgiving Day? She had then joined hands with Farm sanctuary for that initiative. The pretty actress is back in the news with a new effort to save chimps.

The vegan celebrity has called for support in fighting the use of chimps in medical research. In a sentimental post on her blog, she wrote:

The issue of experimentation on chimps is one that breaks my heart. They are so close to us. And even if they weren’t, they are amazing beings. One way in which they are not similar to humans, however, is disease expression. Evidence has shown that when medications are tested on chimps, the results are not repeated in human subjects. For example, a drug that controlled HIV in chimps failed to do so in humans. So why are laboratories still performing cruel tests on these sensitive, emotional beings? Some scientists once thought that chimps made ideal test subjects because their genome is similar to the human genome, but evidence is mounting that chimps just don’t react to medications the same way humans do.

 Calling upon humankind to support her initiative, Alicia has urged readers to stand up for an act that would put an end to using chimps in research labs. She hopes people around her would lend support for The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act.

If the law comes to force, it would put an end to the use of chimpanzees in both federal and private laboratories and also release the 500 chimps federally owned to sanctuaries.

It would also apply the brakes on breeding of the animals for research. Would you also support Alicia in her effort to save the hapless animals?  Head for Alicia Silverstone’s blog and let her know of your support.

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