Algae Biofuel Tested on Maersk Container Ship on Europe-India Route

Green house effect and Global Warming are the most discussed environmental problems, ever since the 1980s. The emission of waste gases from ships has contributed much to the increase in these problems and shipping giant Maersk is putting in efforts to mitigate this crisis.

Maersk’s container ship, which is currently moving from Europe to India, has already started experiments using Algae biofuels and the results are pretty positive.

The emission rates are monitored every time and the company is hoping to shift the use of carbon fuels to bio friendly fuels by 2016.

The need for this transformation was quite demanding as the problems faced by the increase in the accumulation of green house gases is multiplying day by day. It is now generally accepted that man-made emissions, particularly from the burning of fossil fuels, are contributing to adverse global climate change.

Biofuels have the potential benefit of reduced net life-cycle greenhouse gas production as compared to their petroleum alternatives. This is not to claim that biofuels are environmentally friendly or even carbon negative.

In fact, no fuel can truly be considered beneficial to the environment; the only hopeful claim is that the particular fuel, over its full life cycle, is less harmful than the alternative.

The implementation of biofuels such as Algae Biofuel has become an unavoidable thing and US navy is also trying to give their best for the research. There is a definite chance for the replacement of fossil fuels by biofuels in near future.

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