Africa Now Gets Online Via the ZumbaBox [Video]

Solar power has been a potential solution for the power shortage that developing or under- developed countries are facing at the moment. In Africa, solar power has conferred immense amount of benefits to the modernity-deprived sections. The latest news is that solar power brings internet facility to the rural African provinces.

A UK-based charity, Computer Aid, is providing the infrastructure for this ambitious project. The introduction of internet in Africa is aimed at helping farmers to find better price for their products, to help nursing students to know about the latest trends in clinical research and many more. The internet revolution could give rural Africa a push towards urbanization.

The project is currently designed for the technologically isolated Zambian village of Macha, and having found it successful, it would be extended to the other parts of the continent. The Computer Aid is now looking for the strategy for a massive implementation of internet facility.

Finally they devised a solution, that is, a shipping container with satellite-enabled Wi-Fi and solar panels on the roof, which accommodates one PC and a number of “virtual desktops”. Computer Aid gave a name to this technique – ZumbaBox. People can now avail the services, that was previously been enjoyed only by Macha inhabitants.

The impact of the project has attracted people from various spheres of life all around the world. And, if anyone is reading this through ZumbaBox, post your experience here.

In the meanwhile, hit play to view a BBC video below:

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