You Are Never Far Away From Disasters Hitting Lands Yonder

Turn back and just take a fast look at the months that passed by this year. You will find that 2011 was a year of natural disasters, including the Tsunami that hit Japan, droughts in Thailand and many more. All these disasters acted as a wake-up call for us to think on the connection between gadgets and extreme climatic conditions.


Many an electronics major has been affected by the recent July drought in Thailand. The drought resulted in the loss of lives for hundreds of people and destruction of huge quantities of products.

Business Week notes that about 9,850 factories were fully lost  due to the Thailand drought, and they include factories that used to be suppliers of business behemoths like Apple and Toyota.

As if that’s not all, a Dvice report says Western Digital, Hitachi, Seagate and Toshiba are all having direct production issues as a result of this disaster. Korean companies such as Samsung face trouble to get the specific components that they need to build their own drives!

Just think how these natural disasters will affect industries in the near future! The thought will give you no answer! But then see what the Prime Minister of Thailand has to say on this situation.

According to him, that he is at sea as to how long it will take to get the factories resume production. The situation is really worsening for the electronic companies and the people who buy the gadgets!

Imagine the situation where there is a scarcity of electronic gadgets! You just thought that it will never happen in modern times, right? But, the fact is that this time we may face the shortage of electronic devices around the globe!

Being technologically aware doesn’t mean you can stay insulated from the disasters that hit some far away land.

The hardware made in these lands flooded and eaten up by a ferocious nature can dry up, if you prefer to say you don’t care. Anything happening around the world is connected to your lives too. Think!

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