Weed Provides Useful Leads to Create New Waterproofing Concept

Have you ever come across something called Salvinia molesta? Okay, let’s not confuse you. What we are talking about is a weed and the latest is that studies have proved that this weed has inspired the birth of a new waterproofing technology. Studies conducted by the Ohio State University found that Salvinia molesta has the capacity to clog up water.

The weed, found with its unusual character along the waterways of theAmericasandAustralia, is sure to guide researches towards a new technique of waterproof coating.

The weed has peculiar type of hairs in the shape of an eggbeater, and they help them clog up water. These hairs have the capability to trap air and maintain the plant to float on the water surface. These special kinds of hairs have inspired a new technique of coating for boats and submarines too.

The Ohio State University states that the plant’s hairs can trap air easily in small pockets and the tip of the hairs that are sticky can cling on to the water surface. The engineers in the research team have gone ahead and created something similar with similar features using plastic. Tests have proved successful too.

The engineers now hope that the new technique in the water proofing arena will come practical in a commercial way. Though the plant clogs up waterways and create headache to sails, they have opened up a new technique to the technique of waterproof coating.

Nature abounds in innovative of ideas, right?

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