Wedding Arrangements Can be Close to Nature; Try These Tips!

If you are not strictly an eco-friendly person, but want to show your reverence to the nature, the best occasion may be your wedding. You need not try hard for making your special day best for the environment. All you need to do is to just make some careful tweaks in your wedding shopping list to change the beautiful day more auspicious. You can decide on the grade of eco-friendliness as you want. The first step is the initiative you line up. Here are some tips from us for the eco-wedding.

• Try to make sure that the invites and other stationary items on which you spent abundantly for the wedding are made out of recycled paper. You can save money and resources by cutting down on papers. Order only what are necessary. This will include dispensing the envelope liners, lots of inserts and choosing the postcard style RSVP. If you are really into the eco spirit, you can go for eco-friendly ink in the printing process as well.

•It’s important to choose organic ingredients and design a menu that complies with the season and the locally produced foodstuff. Choose caterers that are committed to sustainable methods. Make sure you are ordering only little more than the requirement, and if leftover, make sure it is donated to the needy or allowed to be decomposed properly

• We have many options to choose from when it comes to eco-friendly wedding favors. The main items on the list could be the coasters made from bamboo cut from sustainable sources, candles made from the beeswax or soya (not paraffin) and tree seedlings that directly link you to the environment. Make sure you pack the items with recyclable materials, which could be reused.

•It would be ideal and beautiful to decorate the venue and articles with seasonal and locally grown flowers which save money and superfluous pretensions. Another way can be using pot grown flowers which could be yet again planted after the wedding day. You can be more generous and effective by donating floral arrangements to nearby hospitals or home so that they are enjoyed over and over again.

•Transport is one aspect where you really can show your commitment to Mother Nature. Try to reduce personal transportation chores of guests by arranging for a bus service that accommodates a big group. You can also decide on one venue for your ceremony and reception to cut down on intermediate travel.

• You can give priority to venue that shows more commitment to the environment. You can make sure of the environment policy of the venue from previous users. Enquire on the things like what do they do with left over food, their recycling policy and where do they source ingredients from.

Being eco-friendly is a very easy and much a honorable act. Many manufacturers and service companies have started focusing on the eco-friendly aspect of their products. You can do nothing better to your nature, than publicizing the eco-friendly theme at your wedding. Are you ready?


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