Voltaic Solar Powered Charger Can Breathe Life into Your Notebook, on the Go

Are you an outdoor person who loves your gadgets brimming with power? Then this could be of interest to you. Voltaic, the company known for their laptop pouches and backpack solar panels for cameras, phones and tablets, has now pushed out of their labs new portable solar laptop chargers.


Complete with an array of  10w solar modules, the portable solar laptop chargers comprise strapped and rugged backpacks that will charge your device while on the go.

Comfortable and easy to carry, these portable solar laptop chargers can be carried on your shoulder and also bicycle racks.

How does it work?  The chargers incorporate a battery that has an array of 10 watt monocrystal solar module. The setup has two power ports and four voltage settings connected to the 60 watt battery.

By putting this to work, you will be able to recharge any portable device whenever you want to – be it in a bus or while you go shopping.

So, be it a sunny day or not, step out with your back pack in tow. You never know when your device runs out of charge. Head for Voltaic here.

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