Ugandan Students Design Electric Vehicle; Watch Kiira EV in Action [Video]

The Ugandan transport sector is all set for a new leap in the sustainable and green transportation arena, and that too with utmost pride. A lime green hornet christened Kiira EV was unveiled recently. The Kiira EV is the brainchild of students at Makerere University in Uganda. Incidentally, the media of the country are boasting this plug-in as the prime EV manufactured within a central African country.


This two-seater coupe completed its first test run after a 3 year long exertion. This electric vehicle has made the Ugandan transport sector proud, as this vehicle was able to achieve a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour and deftly made its way up a 55-degree incline.

Paul Isaac Musasizi, who supervised the project, believes this vehicle can perform even more, if more time is given. He affirms that the vehicle is capable of a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, and can run for up to 80 kilometers on a solo charge.

Apart from being an indigenous invention, the Kiira EV has every part designed and constructed domestically except the steering wheel and a few other accessories.

Kiira EV is more than a first EV technology to Uganda; it symbolizes the call out to the world about their talent powerhouse.

Musasizi looks to exhibit to the world Uganda’s immense talent, which he believes can compete with the likes of the US and the Germany in the automotive sector.

It now looks like more ambitious projects like a 28-seat EV for public transportation that will expose more of the green technologies in the country are in the pipeline.

The students who designed this EV released the vehicle to the general public. Does your country have a similar tale to tell? Write to us.

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