Towards Zero Waste Theme for Bahrain Waste Management Forum and Exhibition 2011

Bahrain has a huge potential to lead the arid regions into a greener nature, so feel environmentalists in the Kingdom. As the Kingdom gears up for the first Bahrain Waste Management Forum and Exhibition 2011, organizers predict the venture to be an ‘exciting process’. The forum is being organized by Bahrain Polytechnic on the theme – Towards Zero Waste. The awareness on environment drives, attitude towards the move and will power to achieve set goals places the island Kingdom in a lead position, observed men at the helm of the event.


Polytechnic Professional Director and Forum Chairman Nisbet Smith said, “If Bahrain can do it anyone in the world can do it.” In spite of its significantly small size and geographical and political limitations, environment ambassadors spot the country on the forefront in different energy initiatives.

“A mission along with the Economic Development Boards (EDB) and some research in the UK about the initiatives, it was observed that Bahrain is at a point where we could introduce the ideas of this new technology,” said Smith.

Nisbet Smith
Nisbet Smith

He pointed out that Bahrain is leading by example in terms of solar energy tapping and wind harvesting techniques.

The country is placed at a position to lead, and with the right plans and technology, it can steer the drive on the right path, in the Middle East, he said.

He expressed his confidence that the Forum comes at a time to make a significant contribution in charting its future ‘greener and cleaner’ course of the country.

Towards Zero Waste

“Waste management is an important part of environmental drives and Bahrain is already on many such initiatives,” said Smith.

“This significant event stems from Polytechnic’s mission to add to the prosperity of our nation and our people by providing relevant and high-quality education which expands the horizons of all students, in sequence with the changing demands of society and the world,” he pointed out.

“We need a new reality of living with, not just in, the world,” he said. The waste management is the ‘litmus test’ as to how well we are progressing with that challenge, he added.

Zero waste is practically possible and a will be a result of a team work, but will not happen overnight, said Smith.

“Common man must realize that economic development, infrastructure development and environment sustainability can go hand in hand.

The primary initiative must be taken up by individuals in terms of own responsibility towards a greener environment, said Mr. Smith.

Energetic Attitude of the Youth

John Scott
John Scott

“Over a period of five years in this campus, I am glad to note the positive and energetic change in attitude seen in youngsters,” said Polytechnic Chief Executive Officer John Scott.

He observed that though there are limitations in infrastructure, curriculum and opportunities in terms of environment drive programmes, their feel towards these projects are enormous.

“The youngsters are aware of the need of the hour and we at the polytechnic are committed to develop programs, take initiatives, be involved and lead by examples to establish a green campus,” said Scott. “Their mind set is developed towards a greener growth,” he added.

WMF 2011

The venture is an offshoot of an inspiration endorsed by the Economic Vision 2030 for Bahrain, which says

“…economic growth must never come at the expense of the environment and the long-term well-being of our people: no effort will be spared to protect our environment and preserve our cultural heritage.”

Speaking on the event, Smith added: “In line with our continuous endeavours to improve our sustainability practices within Bahrain Polytechnic, we also work closely with local businesses and industry.  We are always keen to invest in major initiatives such as this upcoming event. The forum and exhibition will provide a unique platform bringing together experts from round the globe to exchange expertise and to address the nation’s pressing issues in managing our waste as a ‘resource’. Many of the major environmental challenges we face today are relevant to zero waste strategies and laws, such as energy from waste, landfill usage, composting options, biogas generation, the economy of waste, amongst other significant topics”.

The event, under the patronage of Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs minister Dr Juma Al Ka’abi will be held from November 14 to 15 at the Gulf Hotel’s Gulf International Convention Centre in Manama.


It is supported by United Nation Environmental Programme (UNEP) and the Public Commission for Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife (PMEW) with Tamkeen as a strategic partner.

The event is sponsored by CNIM Group, who are turnkey solution providers with unique research / expertise services.

More than 300 industry’s professionals from GCC, MENA Region and round the Globe are expected to participate in WMF 2011.

The forum will also provide Bahrain’s youth with a platform to express their voice for their future.

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