Toshiba Regza 32BE3 Uses Absolutely No Power While on Standby Mode

When on a shopping jaunt for a new HDTV for your new home, what would you have in mind before you decide to brandish your wallet? The features and specs the device would carry along, right? Okay, how about bearing in mind that the world needs something back from you too when you spend your bucks on luxury and entertainment? Here’s a device that can help you have the entertainment you want to have along with helping you to be easy on the environment too.

We are talking of the latest Toshiba revelation. The new HDTV added to the Japanese giant’s product line up – christened Toshiba Regza 32BE3 – comes with capabilities to use 0 watts of power when it goes on standby mode.

Featuring a 1,366 × 768 pixel resolution display and a USB port among the other usual stuff, the new Regza 32BE3 32-inch eco-friendly LCD TV has been made incorporating a high power capacitor that enables it to stay on standby using absolutely no power.

And, that’s not all. The Regza 32BE3 remote comes with an Eco button that helps in altering the brightness and contrast based on ambient lighting. This, in turn, effectively saves even more power.


The new eco-friendly HDTV from the Toshiba stables doesn’t come cheap, though. The device is expected to be rolled out to the Japanese market this December for 90,000 Yen ($1,200). Why not spend that amount if you can help the environment survive too?  Think about that.

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