Stay Atop a Solitary Tree or at the Tip of a Mountain Cliff

Ever dreamt of spending a night atop a big tree? You might think it weird, but you want that stay, right? This is the reason why the Tree Hotel concept has become famous among the people around the globe. The cool Tree Hotel, named Waldseilgarten, is located in Bavaria at Germany where you can sleep hanging on to the trees atop an amazing mountain summit.

The other surprise that awaits you is that you can also choose the end of the cliffs with deep air space underneath to hang on to and sleep! There is also a provision of a hand-built igloo to where you can stay-in comfortably.

We know you are eager to know more about the hanging tent and its features. Okay, lets head there.  Let us get into it.

The hanging tent is pretty strong with a fabric-covered platform hanging from a single secured point. The tents are hung from the thick branches of very large solitary trees. Ropes are the only way to get into and out of these hanging tents.

There are Portal edges, meant for rock climbers who are into multi-day climbs. The Tree Hotel does not provide washrooms. They say that the nearest local waterfall is the coolest shower you can ever get!

Obviously, the stay in a resort like Waldseilgarten can be a dream come true.

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