Sharks Get a Lease of Life as EU Bans Finning

A lot of media attention seems to be on nations’ that are mulling over bringing about a ban on shark finning. For those who are unaware of what shark finning is; it is the process of removing fins of the shark and throwing them back to the sea leaving them to die. The latest move on preventing the practice has come from California and Toronto, who have taken a measure by proclaiming a ban on shark finning in their provinces.

As we had told you earlier, many a celebrity has come forward against the practice of shark finning. They include Leonardo DiCaprio and Edward Norton who raised their voice supporting the ban by California. Also, January Jones and Richard Branson took a courageous path by swimming with sharks for creating awareness.

The news is that the European Commission is considering a ban of finning in the member nations. It has been revealed that the ban may come to action, thereby preventing EU-registered boats venturing into the deep seas for shark finning.

As per what EU Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki says,  EU wants to put an end to the horrendous practice of shark finning and protect sharks.

The European Commission has already approved the ban. Now, it would depend on the decision of the European Council to make the ban come to effect. European Parliament Fisheries Vice President Struan Stevenson says that it will be a difficult vote to get.

On whose side are you?

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