Science Fiction Flicks that Came with Amazing Eco-Themes

Watched Avatar? Silly question, right? In case you haven’t given it an eco-thought, do a rewind. Nature plays an important role all through, in case you haven’t noticed. Now tell us, aren’t you interested in movies with eco-based themes. Seven such movies have been listed down by Netflix and IMDB as must-watch stuff. Anxious to know more on those eco-themed 7 sci-fi flicks? Here goes:

On top of the list is Gattaca, starring Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. The film is set on the future where a person’s DNA decides the standing life.

Avatar comes second in the list. The movie, set in the year 2154 in the alien planet of Pandora, came across as an amazing visual treat.

Children of Men comes the third with the story about an unknown factor (said to be pollution) which stops mankind from procreating.

Next in the list is Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. The film portrayed the world where society has everything, but has fallen apart.

The Road narrates the tale of an unnamed disaster that wipes out life from the face of the world.

Next in line is Wall-E with the story of a little robot who wanders around cleaning the earth.


The seventh slot has been taken by Soylent Green, which takes place in 2022 and shows the pollution-ridden New York City with a 40 million population and the hazardous effects pollution has on the lives of the citizens.

How many of these movies have you watched?


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